Modifying a Shipping Container into a Sea Can Garage or Workshop - Roll Shutter Door Installation 

 Installing a garage door on a sea container is made easy as Channing McCorriston, The Container Guy, explains the process. This video focuses on installing a roller shutter in place of the double swing doors, but as long as you have a framing kit that the roll shutter sits against, you can install it anywhere on a steel box. 

 A roll shutter door is great if you’re wanting to replace the swing-out doors of the container for easy access but you don’t want to lose any interior room of the structure. You can use this container building as a workshop, storage unit, or anything you need it to be.

Roll Up Shutter Doors are also great for modifying your sea can into a garage. Although a 20’ shipping container won’t be able to store regular sized cars, you can convert it into a garage for motorcycles, quads, or ski-doos/sea-doos. If you want to learn How To Remove Shipping Container Doors, watch this video:    • How To Remove Shipping Container Doors    


The Container Guy
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