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Finally! We have a follow-up for you on our double-wide kit from our popular video here:    • Connecting Two Shipping Containers To...   There is absolutely ZERO welding with this kit 😂. The first step to any project is the foundation. I'll cover how to pocket a concrete slab to best distribute the snow-load, live-load, and static-load to the earth. Screw piles and I-beams are also a great option as a foundation for non-seismic zones. I'll cover how to convert two 40-foot shipping containers into a double-wide but also touch on container-based structures as wide as 40' (1600 sq ft). Currently, the kit is quite expensive to manufacture. It doesn't fit the budget for most people who are interested in it. This summer, we will work on alternatives to make an affordable option for the DIYer that removes all the thinking and allows you to handle the structural aspect of the build. Stay tuned for a follow up video on our testing. Hope you learned something!  


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