DIY Off Grid Shack Modified From a Shipping Container - Solar Powered Office, Tiny Home or Cabin In this video, we will take you along as we convert this shipping container into a solar powered Off Grid Building! This container will be used as an office-storage combo on an industrial asphalt site. We have modified this container using our bolt-on solutions without having to weld anything to the can. If you are interested in building an off grid cabin, tiny home, garage, or hunting shack, you can easily do it yourself using our techniques and Container Modifications World’s products! All of the products we use on this container are DIY, and you can easily install them on your container. The only products that we use that are best to keep to the experts are spray foam insulation and electrical. Watch this video as we install a door, skylight vents, windows and their protective covers, a propane heater, solar panels and steel stud framing!

The Container Guy
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