DIY Shipping Container Organization - MODULAR INTERIOR SHELVING SYSTEM | The Container Guy 

Do you own a shipping container that is completely disorganized from front to back? Are you looking for a way to organize your storage container more efficiently?

Follow along in this video as we install our Modular Interior System with strut channel and CSM Brackets and show you how you can modify your sea can’s interior wall for shelving.

With this framing setup, you can install anything to the struts, such as shelving brackets, pipe racks, tire rack kits, or really anything to design your own organization system inside your shipping container.

You can install these struts every corrugation, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th corrugation, or as many as you need for your container.

These can also be installed in both the insulated and non-insulated position.

The Container Guy
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