Double Wide Shipping Container House Tour

I'll give you a tour of the tiny home I built over a decade ago using two 40 foot high cube shipping containers. This open-concept space was initially intended as a family cabin but later transformed into an everyday office. In this video, I'll highlight the unique features, discuss the challenges we faced as young DIYers, and share the valuable lessons I learned from the mistakes made during the construction. From window choices to structural modifications, interior design, and ventilation solutions, I'll walk you through it all! Whether you're a container modification veteran or a DIY builder, there's plenty to learn from my experience.

This fresh edit of our 10 year old container home tour should provide you an enhanced viewing experience. As our channel grows, we become smarter and better at what we do. 

Let us know how our style today compares to our style 2 years ago. Here is a link to the old video: ¬†¬†¬†‚Äʬ†My¬†Decade¬†Old¬†Shipping¬†Container¬†Home...¬†¬†


The Container Guy
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