What You Need To Know Before Receiving Your Shipping Container Delivery If you have recently purchased or rented a shipping container, it is important to watch this video to familiarize yourself with the process. This video will cover what we need to know from you, what you need to do prior to your sea can delivery, and how it works when we get there. The Container Guy has two different systems for delivering shipping containers. We have deck trucks and trucks with tilt trailers. Make sure you understand what kind of truck is coming to you for your delivery so you have enough room on your site. For a 20โ€™ shipping container delivery to run smoothly, you will need at least 65โ€™ of straight-line clearance for the truck to drop the container on site. For a 40โ€™ container delivery, you need at minimum 110โ€™ of room for the truck to drop the sea can in place. Foundation is extremely important when it comes to hosting a shipping container. You will need a level ground so the frame of the container doors donโ€™t twist and cause future problems. We also highly recommend placing 6โ€ treated wood blocks beneath the four corners of the container so it sits above the ground. If the container sits too close to the ground, moisture can eventually seep through the floor and cause condensation and floor rot.

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