Installing Container Modification World's Roll Up Door Framing Kit in 55 Minutes - The Container Guy In this video, we are timelapsing how fast we can install a Container Modification World’s roll up door! One of our dealers asked us how long it takes us to install a roll up door, and being just as curious, we decided to buy an analog clock and film us installing a roller door! We thought it would take us maybe a few hours to install it, but to our surprise, it only took Josh and Will 55 minutes to install the door! This product has sped up our installation time not just by hours, but by days! Before, it would take us, at minimum, three days to install a roll up door because we would weld everything together and then have to repaint wherever it was damaged. With our bolt-on product, we can get a roll up door modification out the same day it is ordered!

The Container Guy
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