Is Condensation Dripping From the Ceiling of Your Shipping Container? Try 1 Inch of Spray Foam In this video, we will educate you on another method you can use to stop container condensation from dripping on your goods. Ventilating your shipping container is the cheaper option to prevent container rain and the option we recommend, but you can also spray foam the ceiling of your sea can. If you are using your sea can for storage and you’ve noticed it’s raining inside and you want to protect your items but you don’t want to install vents, then this solution may be for you! Spray foaming the ceiling of your shipping container won’t stop condensation from forming inside your container, but it will control where it forms. So, instead of precipitation dripping on your muscle car, mattress, sofa, or cardboard boxes, it is now dripping down the walls and evaporating on the floor.

The Container Guy
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