Ground Level Wildfire Management Warehouse - Three Months of Engineering in 17 Minutes I probably shouldn’t be sharing this modification with you guys, but I did promise to give away all of my secrets, so here we go! Let’s hope this doesn’t bite me in the butt! For the first part of this video, we will take you along as we visit the Provincial Forest Fire Centre to check how the shipping container we modified back in 2019 handled fighting wildfires in Northern Saskatchewan, and what we may need to improve. We will then show you how we go about building two more containers exactly like this one that will help firefighters suppress wildfires! To fit all the firefighting equipment that the customer used to store in their 53’ semi van trailer, we had to play Tetris and figure out how we would fit more equipment into an even smaller sea container. This took over three months of engineering, but we now have the design finalized and can customize this type of modular interior for anyone interested in a similar build. For this mod, we will be refurbishing an oilfield skid to be the container’s foundation and a way to move the container from area to area in the forest. We will also be cutting out and installing a man door, installing CSM brackets and strut channel, and then spring nutting and bolting in customized shelving to the struts. We will then weld the container to the skid, and then take you on a tour of the finished container.


The Container Guy
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