My 10-Year-Old Shipping Container Home! Tiny House Tour & Design Review | The Container Guy Do you want to check out the first container home I ever built?

Watch this video as I take you on a tour of this shipping container house and then reflect on how we built this tiny house and what I would do differently now! 

This sea can was first built to be a shipping container cabin on the lake for my family, but when our business got busy, we converted it into an office. We will show you what we had planned for this container home and how we are using it now! This container was designed back in 2012, so a lot of the methods we used here are not how we would do it today! 

We have a variety of videos on our channel that explains how we install windows and doors on shipping containers, how we frame, insulate and line the inside of sea cans, and even how to connect two shipping containers together to make your house bigger! (Links to videos down below.)

Note: We are not building container homes, but we are happy to provide products and expertise to those who want to!

The Container Guy
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