Shipping Container Organization - Modular Strut Channel - Tire Storage Rack | The Container Guy

In this video, we will show you how easy it is to organize your shipping container using our container strut mount system by installing our tire racks kits. This is the easiest way to modify your shipping container so you can store as many tires as you need in your sea can with our bolt-on tire rack kit.

This tire storage solution is great for tire shops that need excess storage or seasonal storage for their tires. With this tire rack kit, you can store multiple sizes of tires in one conex box by layering them along the wall of your container. You can store commercial truck tires, regular-sized tires and even ATV tires all in one sea can. We utilize our modular interior systems to easily install any shelving, electrical, or storage system in sea containers. We will have a whole video in the future on how to install CSM brackets and strut channels to make your container more modular.

The Container Guy
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