Steel Framing & Plywood Lining a Max Security 8ft Shipping Container | The Container Guy

Follow along in this video as we attempt to modify this specialized 8-foot shipping container into a max security unit! We are not sure exactly what the customer is using this sea can for, but we know they wanted it to be impenetrable and have as much interior room as possible.

In order to fulfill their request, we will be removing the window and bars and then welding in some corrugations in its place. We will also be replacing the access door with the customer's non-removable hinge door and Mortise handle.

Next, we will be framing the conex box with steel studs and then lining the inside with plywood. They want us to save as much room as possible inside the can, so we have elected to glue the steel studs to the wall. We are not sure how this will turn out, so watch this video to find out how we do it!

The Container Guy
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