The Future of DIY Container Modifications

It's been another successful year packed with innovations and modifications here at The Container Guy! Sometimes, it's overwhelming to grasp everything that's been happening. So in this video, we provide you guys a comprehensive recap of 2023, showcasing all the groundbreaking innovations and engineering breakthroughs from the past year.

We'll guide you through our interior and exterior framing systems, fenestration framing kits, energy-efficient initiatives, including our DIY solar panel mounting kits, and much more! These innovations demonstrate how standard shipping containers can be transformed into versatile, livable, and eco-friendly structures. We also delve into our pursuit of green energy solutions, micro-grid setups, and intelligent climate control systems to enhance container functionality.

We want to especially thank all of you for staying tuned and learning along with us! 

Join us this 2024 as we embark on exciting projects, such as constructing our own container home with all these innovative modifications. We'll also introduce our BRAND NEW 20 and 40-foot MOXBOXES, and much much more that will hopefully inspire you to explore the endless possibilities of container-based construction while staying updated on everyday industry developments.

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Hope you learn something!

The Container Guy
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