Follow along as we install checker plate flooring directly on the wood floor in this 20-foot shipping container. This is not the usual way we install diamond plate floors, but we wanted to take you along as we try to figure out how to weld the sheet metals together without catching the container on fire. 

Usually, we install tread plate flooring over a cementitious substrate to achieve a 1-hour or 2-hour fire rating. We start by installing a steel channel frame on the floor where the seams of the metal sheets will meet up, and then fill the gaps with drywall before welding the checker plate in place. 

In this video, in order to prevent the heat from penetrating down into the wood, we elected to use aluminum foil tape. We hope this method will prevent the wood from smouldering and possibly catching on fire. If you have a better solution, please share down below in the comments!

The Container Guy
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