We Connected Two Shipping Containers End To End - Tour the Final Modification

Follow along in this video as we connect two 20-foot shipping containers together end to end! We already showed you how we connected two containers side-to-side, but now we want to share the kit we have available that allows you to modify two 20 foots into a 40’, and two 40-fts into an 80’!

This double long container will be used to grow sensitive fruits and vegetables up in the Arctic. They will be using their modified can to grow produce, and then they’ll use the second one that we modify to house all their mechanical systems.

There are not a lot of situations where you will need to connect two sea cans end to end, but there are circumstances where a 40’ cannot be transported to certain areas. This is when you may need our end-to-end kit to connect two modified 20-foots together after they are delivered. And there are also instances where a 40’ container is not long enough for its purpose that you may need to connect a second one end to end to make it longer.

We will take you on a tour of this sea can modification and show you how we matched the second container to the customer’s.

The Container Guy
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