Dear viewers,

We have decided to take a break from YouTube to bring you better quality videos that will take you along as we modify shipping containers and install accessories. Halfway through filming our past videos, we learned that using a GoPro and mic that wasn't even plugged in was not the best way to do this. So we have brought on new staff, purchased a new office, new camera and computer gear, and we will focus on pre-production to give you a better viewing experience. A few months ago, we started a YouTube channel to provide you with the correct information on container modification and container homes. There is a lot of misconception about container homes out there. We want to make sure you have the right information to build your next container project. We have so many exciting videos coming soon, so please be patient!

We will still be posting on our other social media sites, including YouTube Shorts, so follow us on our platforms to keep up with what we are doing.

The Container Guy
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