One Time Use

  • Only Used Once (One Trip)
  • Perfect for Storage
  • Can be CSC Certified for Ocean-Vessel Shipment
  • Very few dents or scratches (if any at all)
  • Won’t require any painting
  • Won’t require pressure wash
  • Surface rust is very minimal

Many local municipalities or inspectors require the use of OTU condition containers for varying reasons. In California, you are required to provide assurance that no hazardous materials were shipped in the container during it’s maiden voyage from China. Other municipalities require it for cosmetic reasons. Often, engineers will require OTU condition containers be used in container builds to ensure previous damage has not affected the container structure.

These are only a few examples and the important lesson here is that you do not want to spend thousands of dollars modifying a container only to find out afterwards it does not pass inspection or code.